Homecare Services offered:

1. Convenient Medical Oxygen delivery to Home oxygen therapy patients in Standard Cylinders / Oxygen Concentrators

2. One stop shop and 24 x 7 customer support

3. Sale and / or lease of related equipment like Portable cylinders, Battery Operated Portable Oxygen Concentrators,Conventional Oxygen concentrators, Regulators, Pulse Oximeters,

4. Humidifiers, Nasal / Full Face masks, Nebulisers, Air Mattress and Nasal Cannula

5. CPAP and bi-level CPAP systems for Treatment of Sleep apnea and other Respiratory problems

6. Supplying all types of Nasal and Full Face Masks for Non Invasive Ventilation

7. Monitoring Oxygen Saturation of Home Care patients

8. Supplying EtCO2 deviecs& monitoring of EtCo2 Levels of Home Care patients

9. Setting up and periodic inspection of the equipment at the patients home Including Servicing of equipment installed

10. Performance monitoring of installed equipment, e.g., Oxygen purity from Oxygen Concentrator, etc.

11. Conducting Sleep Studies at Home.( to be introduced shortly )

12. Providing Reliable and Skilled Medical Professionals to deliver excellent healthcare services in your homecare ( to be introduced shortly )