Devices for Respiratory Care

Devices for Post Surgery Care

Devices for Patient Care

Devices for Patient Rehab

  • Negative–Pressure Wound Therapy
    ICU at home is a customized program to provide, relevant medical devices for high quality medical care in a patients home. 

  • Nursing
    Device Rental - all medical Devices used for Home Care are provided on Rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

  • Newlife Elite
    Bipap - Bilevel positive air pressure, is a form of Non Invasive Ventilation, used to help COPD patients. 

  • Finger tip Pulse Oxymeter
    Oxygen Concentrators Units are available with an optional oxygen monitor, and an exclusive economy mode 

  • Oxygen Analyzers
    Cpap & Autocpap - Continuous positive airway pressure ( cpap ) is a device that helps a person who as obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) breathe more easily during sleep 

  • Oxygen Therapy
    Oxygen Therapy Oxygen accounts for about 21% of gas in air. Every cell in our body requires oxygen to function. 

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Our Mission is to set high standards of excellence for providing, Home Care Devices for Respiratory Care, Post Surgery Care and Rehab to patients in the comforts of their home

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