Oxygen Concentrators

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Oxygen Concentrators have the most desired features making convenient medica

l oxygen delivering in (5 & 10 litres) for oxygen therapy patients at home.

Homecare Elite

Patients enjoy a quieter, smooth, power-efficient operation with Air Outlet Option that  permit nebulizer treatments simultaneously with oxygen therapy, which enables a patient to use the unit as an alternative to a medication compressor.

Homecare VisionAire

The Ultimate O2 Combo Is an Offer For The Patient For Supply OfVisionaire& Freestyle together14

The Ultimate 02 Combo

The Ultimate 02 Combo is an Offer for the Patient for Supply of Visionaire& Freestyle together.

Homecare Intensity 10

Provides combined oxygen needs at home for two patients in a long-term, hospice or other assisted living facility, or for any special clinical application, Homecare Intensity 10 exceeds the necessary requirements in the most economical manner for patients.

Homecare Sure Flow

SureFlow by HomeCare provides oxygen for up to 5 patients per flowmeter station from a single oxygen source.

Can easily connect multiple flow stations together, resulting in the lowest oxygen cost per patient.

It can be used ideally with HomeCare Intensity 8 and 10-series units, or any up-to-50 psig (345 kPa) O2 source.

Consumables for Oxygen therapy and NIV (Non Invasive Ventilation)NLIDual_A copy

  • Nasal Canulla
  • Humidifier Bottles
  • Masks  Nasal / Full FaceSureflow copy