Portable Oxygen Concentrators

POC are the perfect ambulation oxygen system accompaniments for active Respiratory therapy users such as walking patients or Patients who commute or those who like to spend time traveling.

11HomeCare – Eclipse 3 with autoSAT

Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS)

It’s a simple streamlining oxygen delivery, anytime, anywhere.

  • It keeps up with the various activities of daily living while providing the individualized oxygen prescription.
  • Can be used to treat at rest, during sleep, at exercise and at altitude. It’s superior oxygen delivery.

HomeCare – Lifestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)Airlife_ copy

  • Even moving about the house has never been easier – with the only oxygen concentrator that patients can actually carry over their shoulder while walking. Climbing up and downstairs.
  • It makes its own oxygen – is total confidence for the O2 patients.

HomeCare – FreeStyle 3 / 5 litres

fs-ensemble copyPortable Oxygen Concentrators

It provides unlimited supply of oxygen for supplemental oxygen users who can now participate in an all-day, outdoor activities.
To maximize ambulation time FreeStyle has an ensemble consisting of the portable oxygen concentrator, comfortable carrying case, and matching AirBelt. The unit provides three pulse setting equivalent to 1-3LPM oxygen. It has exceptional Battery Life.

Homecare FreeStyle 5 is a new, full – capacity portable oxygen concentrator (POC) which is lightweight, compact and a portable unit.

FreeStyle 5 makes patients more ambulatory, while eliminating the burden and expense of oxygen deliveries. It is a win-win situation for an the exceptionally active person prescribed for supplemental oxygen.

Homecare Focus.12

Homecare Focus places the focus on patients comfort and convenience is the most lightweight innovation in portability that has ever been unveiled. Significantly lighter than any other portable oxygen solution, the new Focus addresses the oxygen prescription needs of the majority of respiratory patients.
The Focus portable oxygen Concentrator (POC) provides the solution the to the most common issue of finding an oxygen system that a patient can carry and even feel good about carrying. Oxygen patients are uplifted from the burden of the extra weight from system that is more than what is needed to meet their clinical requirement.