FreeStyle 5*

freestyle 5

Homecare FreeStyle 5* is a new, full – capacity portable oxygen concentrator (POC) which is lightweight, compact and a portable unit.

This concentrator is easy to use and easy to operate. This model provides patients with all the advantages of the standard Freestyle unit, including proven reliability and durability in slightly larger platform for greater capacity.

A lightweight AirBelt accessory designed to be conveniently worn around the waist, ensures that extended battery time between recharges is possible. This option be maximizes oxygen duration for those occasions when AC or DC power is not readily available.

Patients no longer need to settle for antiquated looking medical devices that don’t perform.freestyle_5_1

FreeStyle 5* makes patients more ambulatory, while eliminating the burden and expense of oxygen deliveries. It is a win-win situation for an the exceptionally active person prescribed for supplemental oxygen.